Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who to Bring In for Tonight's Game?

As I mentioned in my previous post, having so many creative players in the same team might not be a good thing. As Arsene pointed out here, the team did not create enough in that game, such irony ya? So, considering the injuries that we have and the performance from the previous game, who should we bring in to the game, and who should we put back on the bench for tonight's game?

Players to bring in:
1. Eboue - Even though I am not a big fan of his, this guy is getting more confident, more mobile and more creative every time I see him play. Even though he is not as creative as other attacking players, but he always tries to dribble past players and he is willing to fight for the ball. I would love to see him playing on the right wing tonight. 

2. Arshavin - Among the attacking players, he is the one I admire the most. Quick, comfortable on both feet and does not hesitate to shoot. He deserves to play more, and he wants to play more as well.

3. Denilson - It's time to put him into action. If Song plays in this game, Denilson can play alongside Fab to attack from midfield. Or else, put Nasri alongside Fab.

Players to put on bench:
1. Ramsey - Not that I do not like him, I really love to see him play. But as mentioned previously, he cannot play well when he plays alongside Fabregas. Thus, it's a waste to play him if Fab is playing (unless Wenger decides to rest Fab).

2. Rosicky - Perhaps he should come on as a late sub, as physically he is still not 100% fit yet. He was not running much in the previous game. 

Can't wait to see how Arsenal bounce back from defeat. They need to regain the confidence and determination to play inside the opponent's half and to get the ball back once the ball is under the opposing player's feet. Come on, Arsenal!

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