Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wolves - Arsenal: Comments and Player Ratings

Wolves - Arsenal (1-4)
Ronald Zubar (og 28) (0-1)
Jody Craddock (og 35) (0-2)
Cesc Fabregas (45) (0-3)
Andrei Arshavin (66) (0-4)
Jody Craddock (89) (1-4)

Another win.

Another assuring performance that makes Arsenal fan believe even more that we can actually win a trophy this season. However, we have walked this path before, leading the title race at the first half of the season, only to fade away in inconsistencies and injuries in the second half of the season. I hope this time around, it will be different.

Today's match was not vintage Arsenal performance, and if not for the two unlucky own goals, the scoreline might be very different, as Wolves started so brightly with their attacking attitude that I think even Arsene did not expect. However, as usual, once Arsenal gets a goal, it goes on to get more. However, perhaps we really need to concentrate on not giving away late goals, as it seems to be becoming a regular pattern. I hope to see more clean sheets!

Almunia: 6
Nothing much for him to do. Should not be blamed for the only goal conceded as it was poor marking that let him down.

Sagna: 7
Was at his usual self, running up to overlay and running down to tackle. Tackles were neat.

Gallas: 7
Combative spirit. Always ready to close in on defenders.

Vermaelen: 7
Must take the blame for the conceded goal as he did not pressurise Craddock. Other than that, he was good: winning most of the headers and covering for Gibbs superbly when Gibbs could not track back in time.

Gibbs: 8
More active and mobile compared to the previous match. He is getting better by the day.

Arshavin: 8
More willing to track back to fulfill his defensive responsibilities. Scored a good goal, although at first look, I was worried that he might be injured as the defender stuck out his leg as Arshavin shot. Still, I would love to see more dribbling from him.

Fabregas: 9 (MOTM)
He is definitely on top form at the moment. It's so assuring to see him play as he dictates the pace of Arsenal's game. Glad to see him getting more vocal and giving instructions to the rest of the players in this match.

Ramsey: 8
Glad to see him on the teamsheet. Was initially deployed in DM position, until Song replaced Diaby, and that was the turn of the game. This would have been a good learning experience for him as this time around, he had to learn to release the ball much quicker than usual as Wolves were closing in quickly. Sometimes, Ramsey held on to the ball a little bit longer than needed and lost the ball in the end. He needs to play it simple, like how the rest play. Also, it was good to see him willing to run into scoring positions. He will get his goal soon!

Song: 8
I was glad that he came on for Diaby, as I don't think Ramsey was comfortable in the DM position. Nowadays, no one gets anxious when Song gets the ball. He is showing everyone why he earns his place in the first team. Composed on the ball and passing well, not to mention good tackling, he is becoming an asset for Arsenal.

Eduardo: 7
He did not see much of the ball throughout the match, but when he does, it usually ends up in a goal or an attempt on goal. Good to have him back!

Van Persie: 8
Consistent performance from our top scorer. Although he did not score, but his first touch pass to Fabregas' goal was superb. Link-up play was superb too.

Diaby (being sub out) - N/A - Carelessly gave away the ball a few times.
Nasri - N/A
Rosicky - N/A - Good to see him back. He has such a quick touch!

When all the attacking players are available (e.g. Rosicky, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Van Persie, Walcott etc.) Arsenal is certainly firing from all cylinders. I really believe this year there is a great chance we can get something!

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